Favourite things: Adventures in Podcasts

This blog was originally posted September 15th, 2017
To be 100% honest - I only just got into podcasts within the past two years and even then, it was in an on-again-off-again style of relationship. But within the past 6 months, the relationship is ON and it is HOT!  (Well, as hot as sitting alone in my sweats, eating a treat and laughing to myself can be.)

Either way, within the past 6 months of heavy listening, these are my standouts -my gems! Give them a listen and let me know if you agree Strangers, and if you have any suggestions remember - sharing is caring, and I want to hear about them!

She Explores

I was only recently told about this podcast by someone I met at an online wilderness group's campfire meet up, and I'm going to echo her sentiments in here because I 100% agree.

Gale Straub's voice has the most lovely alluring sound and she asks amazing questions that really encourage her guests to open up and speak their truth on topics such as bravery, confidence and permission. It is an amazing podcast to listen to before bed, partially because of her voice, partially because you go to bed with an amazing thought or concept in mind.


Mystery Show

A huge part of Camping with Strangers is interacting with absolute strangers, and no one does that better than Starlee Kine. While solving mysteries like "How did Britney Spears get my book", and "Who does this amazing belt buckle belong to" Starlee talks with strangers and has the uncanny ability to get them to open up about almost everything. I absolutely admire this about her, and find it echos some of the conversations I've had with Strangers on the road, or around a campfire. This podcast is hilarious as well, and full of funny antics and ultimately happy endings. The only unhappy ending right now is that it wasn't renewed. So here's hoping someone picks it up!


Wild Ideas Worth Living

WIWL (Can I call it that?) is what I listen to before working on the Camping with Strangers business end. It gets me pumped and gives me that push I need to power through a challenge (like putting together a pitch, or business plan, or jumping into something I probably have no idea how to do). It's similar to an encouraging friend, and you can learn quite a bit too.

Shelby Stranger is inquisitive and funny, and knows her guests well enough to encourage amazing anecdotes. If you're thinking about making a change in your life, or are feeling a little sluggish on a project- give this a listen.

Special Shout out: The Dirtbag Diaries

You can't talk about adventure based podcasts without a nod to the true original:  Dirtbag Diaries.  

There are soooooo many stories and they are great for camping alone and wanting that campfire story feel. I will admit, it took a bit for me to get into The Dirtbag Diaries for reasons I can't quite figure out, but it's history (over 10 years old!) and origin story speak to me, and so I keep on going back. There are some true gems within the archives, and I do like that there is a ton of listener submitted work. If you find some episodes that are not to be missed- let me know!

Is there a podcast I'm missing? One you think deserves to be on my favourites list? Something I should try out?

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